This exciting  adventure in learning visual art lets participants experience what it's like to be a real illustrator.  With my guidance, students go from manuscript to book dummy,  creating their own character and setting while telling the story.  This is a hands on workshop they'll remember!

Here's what teachers and parents say about my programs and workshops....

                             I   L   L  U   S   T   R   A   T   I   O   N 

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"I just wanted to say THANK YOU for the amazing presentation you put on for the children and staff of RJO. From your introduction to the last stroke of your paintbrush, you are a true professional. The kids had a wonderful time and love their picture. The teachers said you are the best illustrator to visit RJO and would love to have you back.  The parents were very impressed. Once again, thank you for the wonderful experience you brought to RJO School.

RJO Intermediate School


"Wonderful program which the children thoroughly enjoyed and I am sure he inspired a few young artists in the process."
Nayatt School, RI      

In my school program," A Day In The Life Of A Book", I show students and teachers the process of bringing a story to life with pictures.  Demonstrating how an illustrator approaches a manuscript  and creates artwork that tells the story gives them an insight into the creative process that they don't get a chance to see.  I also create an illustration with the students using ideas they come up with after reading a simple story.  The illustration then belongs to the school or library to remind students of their own creative skills.

   During my presentation I share the story of how I became an illustrator
   and throw in a little illustration history as well.  We always have a great time! 

My programs meet Arts In Education Learning Standards