​It's always great to be able to give inspiration and advice to

young artists.  In this interview I talk about my career as

well as give some advice on being  a successful artist and illustrator. 

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illustrator interview


                             I   L   L  U   S   T   R   A   T   I   O   N 

I'm proud to have been asked to create this coloring and activity book about Alexander Hamilton for Dover Publications, Inc.  I did a lot of research into Hamilton's life and chose the most interesting parts to include here.  I paid close attention to details of period clothing and architecture as well because I believe that's what audiences deserve no matter what format a book takes.  Truly an inspirational and brave figure in American history.

Illustration History

The Fabled Forest Mural

I've been included in the new Illustration History website created by The Norman Rockwell Museum.  The site is a resource for past and present working illustrators who have made significant contributions to the art form.  After creating art for over 70 books  during my 30+ year career, it's an honor to be included along with many of my illustration contemporaries and idols.  Visit my page on the site at:


Podcast Interview!

When I learned of the students' efforts at West Side High School in NYC to have the street where Norman Rockwell was born renamed in his honor I immediately contacted them and gave them my support.  They were kind enough to invite me and representatives of the Norman Rockwell Museum to the dedication...a great event.

I was commissioned to paint a mural for the new Children's Emergency Department at Orange Regional Medical Center in Middletown, NY.   The 7 foot by 30 foot acrylic painting greets patients, families and visitors to the new ER.  I decided to use native forest creatures as fable characters so visitors and patients will be able to see stories in the landscape.  Visit www.fabledforestmural.blogspot.com to see videos of me painting the mural!


​​HAMILTON-The Coloring Book