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Octopus's Den
This art looks better than a live action Disney picture.

Narwhal: Unicorn of the Sea

The artwork helps to turn this adventure into a full blown story experience for kids. Through the pictures, kids will be able to see what the lush ocean scenes look like, as well as what Narwhal looks like. The scenery and the day to day trials of Narwhal are brought to picturesque life through nearly life-like drawings.  Older kids will especially be able to appreciate the pictures in the book.

Front Street Review ​

American Legends & Tall Tales

Dover Publications

​Steven James Petruccio

The Tail of the The Raccoon

Authors - Barbara Zito & Arthur Tomie, Ph.D.

​Illlustrated by Steven James Petruccio

​American Heroes

Dover Publications, Inc.

Steven James Petruccio

Parents and teachers alike will benefit from this amazing story. It is both an entertaining story and a lesson on the causes of addiction. If you have a child, this story can help you open up a conversation about drugs and why it is so important to avoid them.

The History of

The White House

Dover Publications, Inc.

​Steven James Petruccio

Many of my older books are still available online.  Search for them and enjoy reading them!

​Jonah the Runaway Prophet

Arch Books/Concordia Publishing

​Author - Larry Burgdorf 

Doodle Design & Draw


Dover Publications, Inc.

Steven james Petruccio

Runaway Slave

Pioneer Valley Books

​Author - Michele Dufresne

The Twenty-third Psalm

Arch Books/Concordia Publishing

Author - Larry Burgdorf

      Coming Soon!    

Tail of The Raccoon II:  Touching The Invisible and

Tail of The Raccoon III :  Departures

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Working Hard with The Mighty Dump Truck

Working Hard with The Busy Fire Truck

Working Hard with The Mighty Mixer

Working Hard with The Mighty Backhoe

Fire Truck To The Rescue

Working Hard with The Rescue Helicopter

At The Auto Repair Center

Building the New School

Highway Trucks

Working Hard with The Mighty Loader

​Building the New Road

​​God Saves Jerusalem

Arch Books/Concordia Publishing

​Author Larry Burgdorf

Roadside Attractions

Dover Publications, Inc.

​Steven James Petruccio



An easy-reader look at those most popular, if fearsome, fish. Eye-catching illustrations, Petruccio's lemon shark is brilliantly yellow, and his pink goblin shark, determinedly pink.

School Library Journal

One Boy, One Stone, One God

Arch Books/Concordia Publishing

Author - Michelle Medlock-Adams

Presidential Libraries

Dover Publications

Steven James Petruccio

For Young Adults, Parents and Educators!

The Little Cookie

Norwood House Publishing

Author - Margaret Hillert 

Pioneer Valley Books

Author - Katherine Rawson 


Penguin Young Books

Author - Ginjer L. Clarke


 Can The Sad Come Out?

Author - Laurie Stevens Trachta

​Illustrated by Steven James Petruccio

The Smithsonian Oceanic Collection


Dolphin's First Day

Manatee Winter

Coral Reef Hideaway

Seahorse Reef

Octopus's Den

Wings In The Water

Great White Shark, Ruler of The Sea

Narwhal, Unicorn of The Sea

Dolphin's Rescue

​Puffer's Surprise